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Welcome to PaperWiki from PaperClassroom and the Paper Training Group

There is a tremendous amount of information out there, so much in fact, that it is difficult to find just what you want, and at the level of detail you want.

The purpose of this paperwiki is to provide a resource for the benefit of our students, past, present and future. It provides an overview of the industry at a level understandable to everyone, but with links to a deeper level if required.

But we do not want to keep it to ourselves, and so we have decided to throw it open to anyone that would like to enjoy or contribute to it.

A RED link links mean that there is no page to link to yet, but it is our intention that there will be one soon.

If there is any subject that you would like to be added to this wiki, please let me know.

If you would like your company or organisation to be added to this wiki, please let me know.


If you find a faulty page, please email the details to


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