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In this section we will look at two main areas often referred to as the 'Stock Preparation' and 'Approach Flow'.

In Stock Preparation we will consider,

  • The hydropulper - where the initial slushing of fibres takes place
  • The deflaker - where fibre bundles from virgin fibre sheets and flakes from dry broke are broken down
  • The disperger - where the high consistency pulp is heated and contamination is made smaller and spread out amongst the fibre mass
  • The deinking cell - where ink and fibre are separated
  • The refiner - which does the cutting, internal fibrillation, and external fibrillation work on fibres
  • The beater - this has been overwhelmingly been replaced by the refiner but is still used for small specialist applications

View my short video about stock preparation on You Tube by clicking on the link below


In the Approach Flow we will consider the equipment and the operations between the machine chest and the flow box. More specifically

View my short video about the approach flow on You Tube by clicking on the link below


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