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Over the years the flowbox, (also known as the headbox or the breast box), has been one piece of equipment that has undergone radical changes. The evolution of the flow box has been as listed below.

It is here, in the flowbox, that the conversion of the flow of stock from a circular cross section, to a long thin slit, takes place. The flowbox is also responsible for delivering the stock to the wire, at the correct flow rate, consistency, and angle, to the correct position on the wire, in such a way that the sheet leaves the wire with the required formation and sheet characteristics.

Flowbox operational objectives

  • Spread the stock evenly across the width of the machine
  • Level out cross currents and consistency variations
  • Level out machine direction velocity gradients (surges)
  • Create controled turbulance to eliminate fibre flocculation
  • Discharge evenly from the slice opening and impinge on the forming fabric at the correct velocity, location and angle

Flowbox design objectives

  • Inherent cleanliness
  • Ease of operation
  • Accuracy of measurement of settings
  • Ruggedness of construction, particularly the slice opening so that the shape is maintained

Main features of the flowbox

  • The flow spreader
  • The flowbox body
  • The slice

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