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When paper, board or tissue leaves the drying section, it will be scanned as part of the on line process monitoring, and then reeled up. Some machines have an edge trimming facility and can also simultaneously reel and slit the sheet into more manageable reel widths. A reel may also come from an off machine coater.

The reel will then go through one or more off-machine operations.

Some reels will go through a rewinder. In this operation, the reel is rewound and all the faults cut out and good splices made. This enables subsiquent operations to be run at full speed.

Full reels may go to a winder (also known as a slitter), where it will reduced into shorter narrower reels. From here it may go to a sheeter to be reduced into individual sheets.

It may go to an off-machine calender which will smooth the sheet and improve the gloss. There are several different types of calender.

Reels may go to an off-machine coater where it will be subjected to a pigmented coating application.

The cut down reels may go through a laminating or embossing process.

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