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The history of papermaking is a fascinating story, beginning with the humble wasp some 60 million years ago. At that time the purpose of its papermaking was 'housing'. The human innate drive to communicate and record led us to draw on cave walls, carve into stone, and write on animal skins, papyrus, bamboo, silk and other substrates.

In this category we will look at Ts'ai Lun's contribution, (some texts refer to him as Cai Lun), and how papermaking spread around the world and how the use of raw materials changed, to use what was available in the local area in those early years. In today's world, it is still changing, but the drivers today are more ecological and economical.

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Follow the links below, alphabetical and by date, to read about those that have made significant contributions to the world of papermaking

On each page there will be a summary of why they are there, and links to other internet articles so that you can easily carry out research to the depth you want.

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